8 Anime Series That Had Unexpected Endings


This isn’t the first time a weird conclusion has appeared in an anime. You want to see something odd and out of the ordinary happen when watching anime. From the beginning, fans and critics have disagreed about how anime series should finish. Some think they’re rational and satisfying, while others say they’re hasty and lacking detail.

On the other hand, these anime don’t fall short when it comes to unexpected conclusions. If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to travel through time or visit another planet, these programs are for you. So, if you’re looking for something to end on a high note, you might want to check out one of the following anime.

1. Falsehoods of Elfen

This anime’s shocking and heart-wrenching ending is well-known, as are the horrific, violent parts. The Diclonius creatures have escaped from a weapons factory and are wreaking havoc. The story revolves around Lucy, one of the most potent Diclonius, who attempts to regain her memory and figure out where she fits in the universe following an amnesic episode. To rescue her colleagues, Lucy finally gives up her life, but not before killing a large number of people.

2. Code Geass

The British Empire conquered Japan and forced the Japanese people to give up their own culture and customs because of its advanced technology. After meeting a girl named C.C. who bestows mystical Geass abilities on British student Lelouch Lamperouge, he finds himself entangled in a conflict with his own country. To ensure that everyone obeys him, Lelouch takes the throne of Britannia and utilizes the might of his Geass in the last battle. The dictatorship of Lelouch will go down in history, even if viewers are left to wonder if he was a nice guy or not.

3. A day at school

As a result of his friendship with Kotonoha Katsura, an awkward girl whom he helped study, Makoto Ito’s world is rocked to its foundations. His connection with Sekai Saionji, a classmate, ends tragically after he abandons her. In the end, Sekai and Kotonoha kill Makoto in retribution for the emotional anguish he has caused them both. It’s an awful ending that makes you think about your connections and how you should treat others.

4. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

There are few anime series as well-known as Evangelion, a show about giant robots and their encounters with otherworldly foes. Because he must save humanity from these monstrous robots, the main character, Shinji Ikari, must also pilot one of those machines. In the end, he successfully conquers the enemy, but at a tremendous personal cost.

He has to kill his father, who happens to be the most powerful angel in the universe. Because of this, Shinji resolves to leave everyone and live in a world where establishing friends is impossible.

5. Parasyte

The most recent episode is a nightmare, to put it mildly. Parasyte is a sci-fi film about a young man battling aliens who have taken over his body for those of you who haven’t seen it. In the last episode, the guy faces his most formidable adversary yet.

However, his opponent’s girlfriend was the first person to set foot on the planet and has dedicated her whole life to studying human behavior. Instead of being adversarial, she becomes a pacifist who wants to see the harmony between people and parasites. A band of human warriors slaughters the character as he tries to protect the female he just met.

6. Fate/Zero

In Fate/fourth Zero’s final season, the stakes are raised to unprecedented heights. All three characters are now at risk of losing their lives, and the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been known. Everyone dies at the end of the day. It was a satisfying conclusion, even though it was a sad one. With a production this large, many viewers were unhappy with the outcome.

7. Gantz

Gantz is the anime for you if you’re looking for something that will leave you shaking your head in astonishment. The unusual conclusion left many spectators speechless. It may appear to be a pleasant idea, but when aliens are involved, time travel to the parallel universe becomes much darker and more dangerous. As if time travel wasn’t enough, aliens will soon come! You’ll be shocked by the degree of gloom in this drama.

8. Mirai Nikki

The last sequence of Mirai Nikki will leave you with your chin on the ground. When travel in time and other universes are involved, it’s impossible to know what will happen next. Having control over the future may be dangerous, as this story illustrates. In addition, the climax leaves many secrets unanswered, making fans eagerly await a follow-up. Since the narrative is so unpredictable, it makes sense. This fantastic animation may be downloaded for free, thanks to proxy-rarbg.org.